Iraqi Central Government

Iraq is a parliamentary democracy with a federal system of government. The 2005 Iraqi constitution guarantees basic rights. The executive branch consists of the Presidency Council (one president, two vice presidents–an arrangement that may change following the March 2010 elections and the formation of a new government) and a Council of Ministers (one prime minister, two deputy prime ministers, and 37 cabinet ministers). The president is the head of state, protecting the constitution and representing the sovereignty and unity of the state, while the prime minister is the direct executive authority and commander in chief. The president and vice presidents are elected by the Council of Representatives. The prime minister is nominated by the largest bloc in the Council of Representatives. Upon designation, the prime minister names the members of his cabinet, the Council of Ministers, which is then approved by the Council of Representatives. The executive branch serves a 4-year term concurrent with that of the Council of Representatives.

Links to Ministries:

Ministry of Trade: Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research : Ministry of Comminication: Ministry of Defense: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Ministry of Interior: Ministry of Human Rights: Ministry of Education: Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs: Ministry of Health: Ministry of Finance: Ministry of Science and Technology: Ministry of Oil: Ministry of Electricity: Ministry of Migration and Displaced:


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