Romania prepares to open consulate in Kurdistan

May 6th 2011


Erbil, Kurdistan – ( – A delegation from Romania’s Foreign Ministry met President Masoud Barzani and Prime Minister Barham Salih in Erbil and announced plans to open a consulate in the Kurdistan Region’s capital by the summer.

President Barzani briefed the delegation on the region’s relations with Baghdad and on the latest political developments in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. Commenting on Romania’s new representation, Mr Mihai Botorog, the head of the delegation and General Manager of the Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department, said, “Romania is on track to join the European Schengen visa area this year, and our consulate in Erbil will provide consular services to individuals and business people based on European standards.”

The delegation also met Prime Minister Salih to discuss areas of possible future cooperation. Mr Botorog emphasised that the Romanian government is particularly interested in promoting economic and business ties, saying, “Upon the opening of the consulate, we want to host an economic forum here.”

In their meeting with the Head of Foreign Relations Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir, he assured the delegation that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) attaches great importance to maintaining and strengthening relations with its neighbours and all of the international community. He said, “The Kurdistan Region has enjoyed prosperity and stability for many years, and we welcome normal, stable relations with our neighbors for our mutual benefit,” he said.

Mr Bakir also informed the delegation about areas of particular interest for the KRG and possible areas for cooperation and coordination. He said, “The KRG hopes to further develop the Kurdistan Region by initiating more projects related to infrastructure, agriculture, energy, health, education, tourism and other areas which are of great importance to our citizens”.

Currently the Kurdistan Region is home to 20 consulates and official foreign offices, with the Republic of Romania being the latest country announcing preparations to open an official representation in the region.

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