Ministry of Oil Sends Contracts of Alseeba and Almansouria Fields to Council of Ministers for Approval

January 12th 2011

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil has sent the contracts of Alseeba and Almansouria fields among the third licenses rounds to Council of Ministers for approval.

Director General of contracts and licenses at Ministry of Oil Mr. Abdul Mahdi Alamidi said that the two contracts of the fields have been sent to Council of Ministers days ago after the Ministry signed the contracts by initials with the contractors. The Council of Ministers may ratify the contracts during the next sessions he added. Al-amidi confirmed that developing the gas fields at the third licenses rounds meets the requirement of the electric stations of gas as well as the local need, and all the industries related to gas, indicating that the surplus shall be exported after production improvement.

To be noted that three international companies gained contracts of developing 3 gas fields according to third licenses rounds. These fields are Al-seeba in Basara, Al-mansouria in Diala and Akaz in Al-anbar.

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