EU Rule of Law Mission inaugurates Erbil office

Erbil, Kurdistan – Iraq ( – The Kurdistan Regional Government’s Head of Foreign Relations Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir yesterday met the Head of the European Union’s Rule of Law Mission for Iraq and together they inaugurated the mission’s permanent office in Erbil.

At a press conference after their meeting Minister Bakir and Mr Francisco Diaz Alcantud provided information about the European Union’s Integrated Rule of Law Mission for Iraq, which is known as EUJUST LEX, and inaugurated the mission’s Erbil office which was opened last year.

Minister Bakir said that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is committed to the rule of law “to ensure a professional judicial system and to strengthen the democratic experience in the Region.” He commended Mr Alcantud for EUJUST LEX’s support and engagement with the KRG in its efforts to strengthen the rule of law.

He said, “We are pleased to host any EUJUST LEX training course for all of Iraq within the Kurdistan Region, because we want this opportunity that benefits all Iraqis.”

Minister Bakir added that the KRG is ready to provide any support to ensure that EUJUST LEX’s mission is successful. He also highlighted that the relevant KRG bodies are already working closely with the EUJUST LEX team to implement their projects in the Region, those being the Ministries of the Interior, Labour and Social Affairs, Justice and Planning, the Department of Foreign Relations and the Judicial Council. He said, “These programmes will have a great impact on the law enforcement authorities. The mission is in line with existing KRG human resources development programmes, and we are committed to a long-term relationship with this mission.”

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