Sulaymaniyah Int. Airport


On December 2003 the work was started by one of the specialist Turkish company to construct Sulaimaniyah International Airport according to the ICAO specifications. It is planned to construct the airport through two stages:

Stage One:

Construction of Arrival, Departure and the VIP terminals. The work was completed on 15th June 2005 and all terminals are ready for use now.

Stage Two:

a) Construction of the following:

1. Aerodrome Control Tower.

2. Runway with its lighting systems and markings.

3. Taxiways with their lighting systems and markings.

4. Apron with all related lights and markings.

5. Fire Fighting Station.

6. Meteorological Station with all related equipment.

7. Catering Building with all required equipment and facilities.

8. Cargo building.

9. Aviation Security Office.

10. Administration Building.

11. Car Park.

12. Aerodrome Fence with its related Guard Towers.

13. Service Road surrounding the airport.

14. potable & water treatment system

b) Installation of the followings:

1. Navigational Aids.

2. Voice and Data Communication Systems.

3. Airfield Lighting Systems.

4. Visual Aids

This stage is finished on 4th Sept 2005 .

Opening Date

The airport has been opened for operations to all types of aircraft and all flights (Passengers and Cargo) on 20th July 2005.

Airport Location

The airport is located North West of Sulaimaniyah city at a distance of approximately 15 km from city center.

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