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Car Rental Service

Our partners Tulaz have a variety of vehicles for rent in the Kurdistan region as well as other parts of Iraq. To recieve an updated list of available vehicles, click here and contact us.

Leader Company Iraq

Established in 2007, and based in Erbil, Iraq, Leader prides itself in being able to offer friendly, reliable, and efficient services to organizations, public or private. We specialize in offices supplies, computers (including all necessary accessories), as well as Software, Internet systems, networks (LAN/WAN), and voice systems.


Fractional Real Estate

The most popular form of fractional ownership is found in the real estate sector where consumers have the opportunity to buy fractions of property. Fractional real estate purchasing options are growing in popularity all around the world. FractionalLife.com helps consumers by providing a one-stop site to assist consumers in understanding the fractional ownership market place.


Dunia Aqar

The only qualified tri-lingual property portal for the French Riviera.

Are you looking for a prime property in the South of France, look no further than:


WAN Group

Based out of the United Arab Emirates, Wan Group is built around four different companies:



  • WAN General Contracting
  • WAN General Trading
  • WAN Investments
  • WAN Transport

These four distinct operations allow the WAN group to develop synergies within its structure enabling the company to offer highly qualified and competitive services.

The WAN Group has recently entered the thriving Kurdistan region region where it has rapidly become a major player in all of its activities.  The company is currently developing the largest real estate development in Iraq. The Al Zaiton City project is located in Erbil and will become a landmark once completed.

If you are interested in contacting the WAN Group, send us your details by clicking here.



Tulaz Ltd

TULAZ GENERAL TRADING & CONTRACTING CO. is a labor, goods and service supplier, and contractor for Iraq established in 2006 in the capital city of North Iraq, Erbil. It is registered in the Iraqi Trade Ministry in Baghdad as well. The main office and a 600 m2 closed logistics warehouse is located within our yard of 10 acres in Erbil . It is located on the strategic Erbil-Kirkuk highway. Additionally, TULAZ has a man camp in COB Speicher/Tikrit which is used to manage and execute our Labor Force and General Supply contracts with KBR and the US ARMY respectively.

TULAZ has been a national player specializing as a total solutions provider. Our main clients, so far, are KBR and the US ARMY. We have rightfully taken our position as one of the most competitively priced provider of logistics services and commercial life support items.

Tulaz offers the following services:

  • Categories/Industry areas that company is working in:
    • Specialists in services for remote camps and areas:
      • Life support services
      • Drinking and edible water supply
      • Grey and blackwater pumping and treatment with containerized treatment plants
      • Camp cleaning, laundry
      • Fleet trucks rental with maintenance
      • Earthmoving
      • Construction machine rentals with maintenance
    • General suppliers of:
      • CHU’s
      • prefab offices and buildings
      • Unskilled Iraqi labour (including their transportation, lodging and catering)
      • Skilled international labour
    • Logistical services
    • Iraq general agents for:
      • Gemsan tank engineering and contruction company, an oil and gas tank specialist. www.gemsan.com.tr
      • National Chemical Petroleum Industries (NCPI) www.ncpiq8.com . Custom made chemicals (corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers, surfactants, scale inhibitors, biocides, cleaners, and anti foaming agents). We offer free well tests enabling us to deliver custom made chemicals.
      • APA Makina. www.apamakina.com.tr . Catalogue attached.
  • Address: Office no. 16 Italian City, Erbil, Iraq
  • Website: www.tulaz.com
  • Contact Phone: +964 770 0568 200 / +964 0750 484 2658