Architecture in Basra

Built on the canals of the Shat Al Arab, Basra is a city rich in history. You can witness beautiful homes dating back 200 years for some of them.

Unfortunately, their current condition is poor yet the architecture still portarys the rich past of the city. You can see unique canalside properties that, once renovated (the canals included) will have no match in the Middle East.

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Built on the orchards  of the Shat Al Arab, Basra was a major center for culture and litterature of the Middle East.

The city suffered huge damages during the Iran – Iraq war as well as the aftermath of the Kuwait invasion by Iraq.

The city is today rebuilding itself and can count on the huge oil reserves of the region to guarantee its futur. The major IOC’s are revamping and developping the oil fields of the area. There is no doubt about the importance of this city and the fact that it will develop as a major business center of the Middle East in the coming decade.

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Basra Fun Fair

Opened in 2010, the Basrah Land Amusement Park was a major development for social life in Basra. Maybe not a place to go for a business meeting, but if you are looking for a little relaxation and to see local social life then this is one of the places to see.

Shat Al Arab Corniche

Whether its a morning walk or an end of day stroll where you can catch a beautiful sunset, the Basra corniche is today one of the rare places you can enjoy in the city.

Do not expect the sophistication of the Croisette in Cannes, but with time, this place can become a prime tourist location.

Dalla Restaurant

Dalla restaurant is located on the Shat Al Arab riverside, not too far from the Basra International Hotel. There are very few places today where you can eat well in Basra. This is one of them.

If the days fishing was good, they make a very tasty grilled Hamour, the local fish. Definitely a place to try if you are in Basra.

Basra International Hotel

Overlooking the wonderful Shat Al Arab river, the Basra International Hotel is located 10 minutes from the heart of the city and 30 minutes from the airport.

The hotel has 200 rooms and suites and can cater for conferences as well as business meetings. The restaurant is one of the few places where you can eat well in the city.

It was fully renovated in 2010, this hotel belongs to the MECRI Hotels division, part of the Nasri Group.

Contact numbers: +964 781 5555 472 / +964 770 4991 990 / +964 40 611 224

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Mnawi Basha Hotel

The hotel is located in the Basrah governorate near the famous Shatt Al-Arab River. The hotel overlooks the Al-Tairan Square & Abuo Al-Kaseeb dates palm grove in the middle of Basrah city.

Its distinguished location is considered a connection bridge between Basrah center & its district such Altanoma, abuo Alkaseeb & its ports.

Reasonably priced, although foreigners will pay more than locals. The food is good and you can expect a clean place.

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