Khanzad Resort and Hotel

Located 15 Km North of Erbil city center, the Khanzad hotel was traditionally Erbil’s best. Since the recent constructions of the International and Rotana hotels, Khanzad has lost this privelege.

Nevertheless, it retains its great location from where the open views are the best in the area. It offers good services such as a gym and thai massage center. Ideally, this hotel would deserve to be renovated to bring it up to the standard of its new competition.

Look to pay around 200 USD for a room here.

Mamounia Sky bar

Located at the top of the Noble Hotel, at the junction of Ainkawa road and the 100 meter ringroad,the Mamounia Sky bar was developed by the Fairuz Group.  The most recent of bars to open in Erbil, the Sky bar is definitely worth a vist.

Click here to get a virtual tour of the place.

Speed Center Bar

Situated in the Empire development on the 100 meter ring of Erbil, the Speed Center complex offers you the opportunity to enjoy a drink, meal, and if you so wish, a few laps round the go-karting track.

You can catch all the major sports events thanks to the large screens on display, and even have a bet on any of the games thanks to the EuroBet facility on the premises.

Local Souk

The local market (or Souk) in Erbil is located in the vicinity of the Citadel. If you are looking for a more traditional feel, as opposed to the new malls, then this is the place to come.

You can find anything from clothes to sweets in the numerous shops that align the streets. You will also find excellent local kebab houses if you care for the ”real” flavours. Do not expect 2 star service, but Mam Yassin’s kebab house is the one to aim for. Watch out for the fake goods that have flooded the market from China, although these make for a good laugh.

You haven’t seen all of Erbil if you haven’t been here.

Family Mall

Located on the 100 meter ring of Erbil, the Family mall opened at the end of 2010. Developed by the Darin Group, the Family mall hosts a number of services including various shopping stores, fun fair, ice rink, and restaurants.

You can find clothes, electronic goods, home appliances,  and home furniture amongst other things. The Family mall will be the location of the first Carrefour hypermarket in Iraq.  You will also be able to find the DIY store ‘Home Istanbul’ where you will be able to find all your DIY needs. The Carrefour hypermarket was supposed to open soon after the opening of the mall, but has yet to do so. There is no doubt that the opening of Carrefour will be a major development for Erbil and its region.

The mall will also be inaugurating a 14 screen cinema compex in the near future, something the city is badly lacking.


Located in the Ainkawa district of Erbil, Marina restaurant is a definite place you want to eat at during your stay in Erbil. With its vast garden, ideal for the many pleasant evenings the city has to offer, Marina is a priveleged place for many locals. Offering live traditional Arabic music as entertainment as well as traditional dishes, Marina also has a play area for children.

Look to spend around 15 USD per head excluding alcohol.

Textile Museum

Located in one of the traditional houses of the citadel, in the heart of Erbil, the textile museum is a wonderful place where one can enjoy and appreciate traditional handcraftsmanship of the region.

It includes numerous artworks of both settled and nomadic tribes of the Erbil area. The aim of the museum is to preserve the Kurdish cultural heritage as well as to promote Kurdish artforms.

Click here to visit the museums website directly.

Sami Abdulrahman Park

Sami Rahman Park is a green area in Arbil, Kurdistan, northern Iraq. The park is several hectares in size and contains a lake, rose garden and the Martyrs Monument as well as a restaurant and market. The site was formerly the location of a detention centre of Saddam Hussain’s regime. It is named after Sami Abdul Rahman, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government who was killed in a suicide bombing on 1 February 2004, aged 71.

The park was the location for the First Erbil Freedom Day Community Run on 9 April 2007 organised by the Salah Rahman Sports Foundation, which has since become an annual event.

The park is also the location for the Erbil International Fair as well as a sports center.



Jiger Palace

Very practically located at the junction of Ainkawa road and Gulan Street, this three star hotel is new and offers decent service. Under a ten minute drive to the airport, the Jiger Palace hotel is a good intermediate solution.

You should be looking to pay around 100 USD for a single room.

Click here to access their website or contact us to find out how to benefit from better rates.




Abu Shahab Restaurant

Within the Abu Shahab complex that includes two proper restaurants, a fast food section, a coffee shop and supermarket, the original Abu shahab restaurant offer traditional food at very decent rates. Service is quick and efficient.

This place offers the best nan bread in Erbil by far especially the ones served as starters.

It is located on the 60 meter road at the junction with Ainkawa road. You can’t really miss it.

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