Restaurants in Erbil


Located in the Ainkawa district of Erbil, Marina restaurant is a definite place you want to eat at during your stay in Erbil. With its vast garden, ideal for the many pleasant evenings the city has to offer, Marina is a priveleged place for many locals. Offering live traditional Arabic music as entertainment as well as traditional dishes, Marina also has a play area for children.

Look to spend around 15 USD per head excluding alcohol.

Abu Shahab Restaurant

Within the Abu Shahab complex that includes two proper restaurants, a fast food section, a coffee shop and supermarket, the original Abu shahab restaurant offer traditional food at very decent rates. Service is quick and efficient.

This place offers the best nan bread in Erbil by far especially the ones served as starters.

It is located on the 60 meter road at the junction with Ainkawa road. You can’t really miss it.

T Bar

The countries First American style Sports Bar and Lounge where you can enjoy food, drinks, slot machines, as well as catch any televised sports events.

Located in Ainkawa, the T Bar is a place where you can let your hair down and relax after a hard days work.