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Company Creation

We can advise you on the best legal to cover your needs. Whether you are setting up a subsidiary or a starting a new entity. Our lawyers will make sure that all the legal procedures are duly respected in accordance with local corporate law.

Market research

Before any company enters a market, it is normal to get market information concerning the company’s activities. Today, there is no official market data for the various economic sectors. The only solution to correct market data is to physically go and get the information from the market.

Reception/Visa and accompanying

Depending on your nationality, you might need a visa to access the country. Certain nationalities are granted a 10 day visa at the airport. For the nationalities that do not have this privilege you need to have a local company as sponsor for your trip.

Networking & Scheduling appointments

EDIA is able to get you access to key decision makers if this is not already the case. We are also able to schedule appointments for you with these people. Accessing certain individuals is not always easy, and our strong network will give you a head start for your business.

Virtual office

If you are just starting out in the region, and are not yet 100% sure of justifying a fully fledged office, EDIA can assist you with the services of a normal working office. We can allocate your business a specific phone number amongst other things.

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